Game Jam Entries

The collection of all game jam entries I did

Ashet Technologies

Creating a retro cyberpunk computer world.


A design concept for a potential future mail replacement

Unsupervised Color Calibration

A concept on how to linearize your screen without having calibrated hardware.

Small Projects

A collection of smaller projects I did.

Psi Programming Language (Ashet)

A language tailored to be compiled in a low-memory environment.


Artifact repository done simple.


Generates unicode waveforms that can be embedded into code comments.


A super hacky tool to decode unknown binary formats

Binary Format Definition Language

Meta-language to generate binary format parsers and serializers

Zig Package Repository

Collecting all the packages of all Ziguanity

Makeshift Programming Language

A dead-simple programming language.


Tiny, binary-encoded vector graphics.

LoLa Programming Language

Tiny scripting language for games

Zig User Map

Find your favourite Ziguana in real life.

Kristall Small-Internet Browser

A browser I created for Gemini, Gopher and HTTP.

Kallax PC Drawer

I built a drawer into my multimedia Kallax so I don't have a desktop pc standing around.

CG Workbench

Live shader coding environment with nodes.

Psi Programming Language (Classic)

A programming language focused on safe, but dynamic programming.

VersaTile 3D Model Editor

A simple 3D model editor based on simple quads and a sprite set.

Broken Remote

Modding the Binding of Isaac with style


An operating system in the style of TI-OS for x86.


A voxel volume renderer project I participated at university.


Item Recognition, Editing and Management

Car Mechanic Sim

A graphical demonstrator/pitch for a failed gamedev project

The Ultimate Script Template

Supercharge Gamestudio A8 with these libraries