Scalloped Gyro


This is one of those recipies where you think: Why would somebody do this? But then you remember it's using cheese, meat and cream and you notice: Damn, this is good.

Except for my health!









Start by putting the croquettes into the oven. Cut the onions into the size of a small finger nail, mash the garlic clove. Heat up a pan and fry onions and the gyro. When the gyro is done, add garlic and the whipping cream, let it cook for one or two minutes.


Then take the croquettes, put them on a plate, add the gyro on top so the croquettes are well covered, then cover everything with a good portion of cheese, put everything back in the oven with roughly 180°C for five to ten minutes until the cheese gets crispy and brown.


Now you're done, enjoy!